Group Action lawsuits are becoming more common in the UK

Group action lawsuits are becoming much more commonplace in the UK according to Slater and Gordon. This is because they are a way for people with similar complaints to collaborate and avoid the downfalls that are associated with people making seperate claims, primarily risk and cost. IN summary they offer a strength in numbers angle and a large saving on the actual costs for the legal action.

To actually enter into a litigation can be a worrying time for many people and in the past there have been many who had valid complaints who were too nervous to take the plunge. This was mainly because of the risk of litigating against a defendant who is usually very big and well financed. Group litigation essentially changes this dynamic and means that the average person can become powerful and well funded when part of a large group. This is well fitting to the David v Goliath analogy.

When a group is formed, there is a strength formed in the comon purpose and sharing of information. Likewise costs and risk are shared too and these benefits are very strong and allow a case to be made by individuals who could never afford to bring one alone.


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I am a class action laywer based in the UK and working for a large law firm, which I cant mention for legal reasons, although they are a London firm!!

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