I am Simon Hart, a UK based lawyer specialising in Class Action / Group litigation as it is more commonly know in the United Kingdom. This site is somewhat of a history book of Credit Class Action Lawsuits and other types of lawsuits.

I have included some history of the laws in both the USA and the UK, to give the untrained reader some info on how it all works. I love the law and really enjoy my work in this area.

I am 48 years old and was born originally in Manchester, UK. After my schooling I went to the University of Oxford to read law, from there I landed a training contract with a large London law firm and the rest as they say is history.

I cannot discuss any cases I have worked on apart from legal information that is already in the public domain, also, for obvious reasons I cannot engage in any cases that we as a firm may be involved in. However this site serves as a knowledge base for the subject area of Class action lawsuits and I will be bringing pertinent news and interesting cases to you on a regular basis.

This is me Simon
Hi, I am Simon Hart, a specialist in Class Action Lawsuits.